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Scalable solutions for photonic integrated circuit testing

EHVA enclosed wafer test station in the background, with monitors and the software. The side camera vision in the foreground, with a single chip being tested with optical fiber probe and a DC electrical probe

Test Stations

We provide fully automated, high-precision photonic testing robots on various scales, from single die to 300mm wafer.

  • Ultra-high throughput: up to thousands of chips a day

  • Modular, open and upgradable

  • Seamless integration with surrounding instruments

  • Unique 6-axis nanometer optical alignment for both surface and edge couplings

Customer using applications of a software suite: sequencer to prepare automation of test and station application to control the test station. Cloud, artificial intelligence, big data, database, volume, traceability, structure and hierachy, complex tasks, library, logic, sequences and editor. Camera and motion systems control.

Software Suite

Our magic sauce. A unified platform for automation and data intelligence to support your scalable photonic testing and data-driven design. For real, and more.

  • Cloud-based solutions

  • Easy creation and implementation of complex tasks

  • Multi-user collaboration

  • Structured data generation and management

  • AI-assisted analysis

EHVA employee offering test and characterization service to customer. Wafer and singulated dies in a gelpack are tested. Raw data and analyzed data are exchanged.

Test Services

We offer extensive services for optical, electro-optic, and RF characterizations of photonic integrated circuits and systems, letting you be labless and focus on what you are best at.

  • Support standard and custom measurements

  • SOI, SiN, III-V, LNOI etc.

  • Single die, multi-die, and wafer-scale

  • Full-dimensional optical characterization from O to L bands

  • 67-GHz RF characterization

  • Other ideas? Let's talk


The ever growing demand for photonic circuit based products will put the spotlight on suppliers and designers for the coming years. Rise up today to meet tomorrow's needs.

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