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Send us your chips and we handle the rest

10+ years of R&D experience in silicon photonics, lasers, and optical communications.

Take advantage of the fastest time to production and consult your results in real time as they become available.


One chip at a time

Choose from a wide variety of measurements either standard (IV Curves, …) or custom. For all sorts of chip types including SOI, SiN, III-V, LNOI, etc.


100+ chips


As many individual chips as required. Get knowledge on assorted sets of chips, see performance variation on incremental designs, or even identical units.


Up to 300 mm


Evaluation of full production wafers and multi-project wafers. Get location-based yield variation data and learn about the accuracy of the fabrication process.


For all your common applications


Get accurate RF measurements of your devices


Discover heat-related impacts on your electro-optic components

Surface Coupling

Edge Coupling

Side or in-trench

Up to 4 probes simultaneously

Advanced Algorithms

Auto-alignment on devices, active tuning, use of predictive models to eliminate redundant tests. Deterministic position tracking for advanced navigation assistance.

Our cloud-based data storage solution enables real-time consultation of results as they become available. Analyse your data while we’re testing, no need to wait for a report.

Data System

High-Level Reporting

Automated post-treatment and analysis of accumulated data. Build custom predictive models based off previous runs. Get wafer-scale variation maps and updatable reports that include the latest data points.

Design For Test

Minimize test time by employing tested-and-proven design choices

R&D Chip Design

Our experience is your new tool to bring your ideas into functional prototypes

Product Development

Ramp up your testing capacity to transition from R&D designs to full production

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