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Modularity, ease-of-use, scalability, we're putting all the focus on achieving the smoothest, most functional solution on the market.

Powerful Automation

Explore your chips faster than ever. Our in-house navigation tools enable fully automated chip and wafer testing. It also provides simple two-click instrument alignment, letting you place specific chip elements under the camera, and bringing the probing equipment right on top without breaking a sweat.


Distribute the workflow to the appropriate team members. Our software is segmented in such a way that different tasks can be simultaneously accomplished and shared by different people, without the need to understand all the intricacies of the full suite.

Database Oriented

No more misplaced files. All your work and test results are stored in the database as you go, which allows everyone to use or consult the newest changes as they are made available. Take full advantage of our data structure designed with all the concerns of the domain in mind.

Intelligent Testing

Perform simultaneous measurements and data analysis. Make use of our AI-driven predictive tools to cut back on redundant testing. Get real-time recommendations based off previous results to simplify your testing flow.

Advanced Data Management Tools

Our suite is equipped with flexible tools to help you extract the data you want, when you need it. Our powerful custom queries approach gets you presentation-ready data for any report or Power BI you wish to construct.

Third-Party Compatibility

We understand that clients may have an existing code base and familiar lab instruments. That’s why we support the importation of external libraries within our software, enabling you to keep working with the same tested and proven methods in our environment.


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